2017 Capacity Building Program on Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, The Private Sector and Development (Sabah, Malaysia)

The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) and JOAS are calling for applications for a regional capacity building program on Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, the Private Sector and Development to be held in Malaysia from February 27 – March  08,  2017.

This program will build the knowledge and skills of human rights defenders and community advocates to promote and protect their human rights in the context of rapid economic development and the impact of the private sector on the lands and livelihoods of Indigenous peoples and others. The program will build knowledge of international human rights standards and mechanisms that can be applied and integrated into effective advocacy strategies. This 10-day regional program will build practical skills for engaging with governments and business. Participants will learn from each other, share knowledge and build practical solidarity networks. 

Click here for the Brochure.