Patrick Lombaia - 2016 DTP Indigenous Rights Program

Executive Director of Papua New Guinea Mining Watch

Active in Country: Papua New Guinea

DTP Alumnus: 2016 Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, the Private Sector and Development – Indonesia


DTP is very important because it helps us, the human rights defenders throughout Asia Pacific, to build out capacity. We don’t have training institutions who could provide us with this much needed training in the area of human rights violations throughout Asia Pacific.

Patrick works for Papua New Guinea Mining Watch which aims to protect the rights of Indigenous people in the context of extractive industries operating in Papua New Guinea.  One of the organisation’s main projects is to address the issue of mining waste flowing directly into water systems, as this has a negative impact on the environment and thereby also the Indigenous people whose livelihoods depend on these water systems. 

DTP has given me a much better understanding and knowledge that I will utilise to return home and do more human rights work back in my country. The process and procedures I’ve learned and the knowledge I’ve gained can be used back in my country for the betterment of my country.


Patrick found the DTP training experience useful in providing practical information about procedures and mechanisms for accessing the UN. He also enjoyed the opportunity to share experiences and network with participants from other countries also facing issues surrounding Indigenous human rights.

Training has in fact given me the knowledge of how to follow the UN processes and procedures for human rights violations and that is one of the areas that will really help me in the future to address issues in Indigenous rights violations back in my country through those special procedures and mechanisms within the UN.


DTP program allows participants from the region to share stories and learn from each other’s methods of advocacy and campaigning work. The platform that is provided enables advocates to build solidarity and fight for the same cause.


The training has built my capacity to network within the Asia Pacific and share the experiences we have had in the area of standing up for the rights of Indigenous people who are suffering because of suppression and human rights violations back in our countries.


One of the things I have learned…from the experience shared by the participants from the 11 countries that we were here together, each the same struggle, I mean different struggles, but having a struggle common for the indigenous people back in their counties. And that is something that we have to stand together, network and fight for the common interest of our indigenous people in our respective countries.”


Patrick values the work of DTP and believes in the training programs DTP provides.


DTP is doing a marvellous job to train us, the human rights defenders, throughout the Asia Pacific, and they’ve been doing it for the last 25 years and I’m proud to have been a participant, and become an alumnus of DTP, so that the network can continue to grow and we as human rights defenders, will stand to defend the rights of our people, for human rights violations throughout the Asia Pacific.




Profile written July 2016